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A Walk Among the Fields – Audio Report

You’re finally in line after what seems like an eternity of counting down the days.
You walk across the fields, streams of people surround the grassy grounds of Maitland. You wait for your ticket to be scanned by the scary looking guard who wears a fluorescent vest as bright as the sun. They give you the all clear and you head on through, walking around people. You see stages and stalls, but most importantly you see your happiness. You know you’re meant to be here. You walk faster and faster to get to the stages and listen to the music blaring. You are carefree.

A Walk Among The Fields

A Walk Among the Fields


JRNL101 – An Interview With Rob Brady

“When I was about seventeen, I had the police knock down my door because they were worried about my health. I was sent to a psych ward and they realised that I was bipolar type two.”


Nineteen year old Rob Brady became very political at the age of fifteen. Listening to rapper ‘Immortal Technique’, Brady found himself being drawn to the rappers passion for causes and describes his lyrics as being a ‘history lesson in every song’ which assisted Rob in finding his passion for politics.

“I just started to read everything I got my hands on and watched any documentary” Brady explains as he lights up a cigarette. When asked if being a politician was something he wanted to pursue, he simply said “no, because I don’t want to be a snake for the rest of my life.” Firmly believing in politicians ‘keeping to their word’, Rob explains that “they’ve got to be kept on track sometimes”. Protesting being a way of implementing this track.

“I was more of an observer than anything else”, Rob says of his involvement in the 2012 Anti-Muslim protest. “It got to the point where the police were pretty much cracking the whip. It was peaceful at first, then the protesters were fighting back, it was quite extraordinary to see”. Although Rob does not agree with how violent the protest became, he believes that they had the right to demonstrate their feelings about the issue.

“When I was sixteen I used to have really bad mood swings and there was a lot self-harm involved and I put my life at risk” explains Rob. He moves his hands up and down, mimicking the track of a rollercoaster to animate his adolescent behaviour.

“It took a lot out of me because the medication is quite daunting. It’s hard to get up in the morning because of sleeping meds and I used to have really bad acne because of it.” He explains that sometimes the medication helped and sometimes it didn’t.


Rob being diagnosed with bipolar type two is only an iota of what he has been through. At the age of fourteen, Rob was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“Three weeks before I was diagnosed, I had really bad vertigo, I couldn’t keep any food down. I’d been to my local hospital about four different times to have nutrients pumped through me.”

“They did an MRI scan and they found that I had a golf ball size tumour at the back of my head. They gave me brain surgery.”

Rob was diagnosed in July 2010 and did not stop chemotherapy until the 28th February 2011, after his fifteenth birthday. The aftermath of the surgery resulted in Brady not being able to perform to his former abilities in sports such as cricket, AFL and rugby union.

“People don’t understand that it’s not as easy as getting a kidney operated on – they will damage part of your brain. It’s inevitable.” Rob soon explains that his teammates were getting ‘angry’ at him for not being able to put in his full effort due to his situation. He then told them that he couldn’t do it anymore.

The protests were a way for Rob to be able to do something that was interesting to him while he was unable to continue sport.

“I had nothing to do for a long time and I was just sitting around on the couch watching television. I was just looking for something and I found what I needed in protesting.”

Written by: Jade Fitzpatrick.

JRNL101 – Student Portraits: Marcus Lazarevski

Marcus Lazarevski 


The shy but funny 18 year old Marcus Lazarevski from the Sutherland Shire, undertaking part of the same degree as myself (Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies), at first glance is shy but as we kept on talking I discovered that he has a true passion for football outside of his studies. Marcus supports the teams Chelsea and Arsenal and although he is not certain on what career path he wants to undertake after he completes his degree, he has high ambitions and is quite a big goal setter.

Find Marcus here.

JRNL101 – Student Portraits: Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch


18 year old Declan Lynch from the Sutherland shire, undertaking a Bachelor of Journalism conveys himself in a very sarcastic and witty way, he’s a joker and a very good one at that. He too shares an interest in football and referees the game on his weekends. When finding out that my favourite football player was David Luiz, Declan replied with “he’s a twat”. Declan has plans to backpack through Europe later on in his degree and has thought about maybe deferring it for a year. Lynch also enjoys photography outside of university and often wanders around his neighbourhood for hours just taking photos.

Find Declan’s blog here.

JRNL101 – Student Portraits: Hannah Laxton-Koonce

Hannah Laxton-Koonce

hannahlaxtonThe 19 year old, bright, bubbly and wanderlusting Hannah Laxton from Berry, studying a Bachelor of Journalism at UOW is the sort of person anyone would want to be friends with. From her charismatic personality and sense of humour to her countless experiences of travelling with a close group of friends throughout Europe, it is seen that Hannah is an individual that relishes in experiencing life to the fullest and making the most of life’s precious moments. Laxton enjoys reading a variety of books and loves spending time at her local beach may it be with friends or family.

Find Hannah here at  her blog.