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JRNL101 – Uni Life: The After Uni Adventures

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Mount Keira Lookout

The beautiful views of Wollongong are a major factor that motivates me to get up in the morning to actually attend classes because I know I’ll be seeing something like this. Also the fact that I want to get high grades contributes to my decision but, you know. Mount Keira was discovered by my friend Lily and I on the way home from uni on the first or second week. I think all uni kids should give it a visit and just appreciate it’s beauty. Small islands are visible and ships sailing across the shoreline can be seen too. It’s one of Wollongong’s many hidden wonders and I’m glad I’ve been able to see it. I later found out when I got home and told my mum about my day that it is the place that my step dad had proposed to her. It adds a little bit of sentimental value to it as well.


JRNL101 – Uni Life: Gigs

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UniBar’s Musical Performances

Something that I cannot wait to experience at uni is the musical performances by some of my favourite artists. Music is one of those things that I just love and watching it live makes for one of the best experiences. Although I cannot attend them right now as I am not 18 yet, I always look to see who might be playing, just so that I can get annoyed at the fact that I can’t go and complain about it. This is a poster on the UniBar notice board, advertising the band San Cisco who I hope I’ll be able to see. If I can’t see them at the UniBar, then I won’t be missing out too much as I’ll see them at the music festival Groovin The Moo in May. I can’t wait to hurry up and turn 18!