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I have officially started a YouTube channel! 
Right now it’s pretty basic, I have one video up and it’s just a little vlog/short film about a day with my mates. 

I want to create adventurous content and things that make people smile! 

I need some ideas though, so comment something that you think would be entertaining! 

I’m planning on making videos about the festivals I go to, when I photograph people, the adventures I go on and just some sitting down, getting to know me stuff. I’ve recently gone vegan and might do a few videos on that, like what I eat in a day and so forth as I’ve educated myself on the concept quite well. 

Make up is also up my alley so be prepared to see funny get ready with me videos! My best friend will also feature on the channel, how could she not! I can’t wait to do tags/challenges with her. 

Here is my first video if you’d like to watch it. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see! Comment, subscribe and like, you know the go! 


Until next time,