Reflection Week 12/13


These are the answers to some of the questions I had to reflect on for my work.

In what situations would a journalist choose video over still photography, and vice versa?
For me personally, I believe that a journalist may choose what they believe will fit the story best from whichever footage stands out the most to them. If the interviewee has made a quote that the journalist believes to be useful and add extra meaning to the work and it is recorded, then they may choose that over the photo. The same goes for a photo, if the picture displays more emotion, insight and depth, then the photo will be picked for sure. For my own work, I decided to only do photography and I didn’t add in any video. I feel like the pictures told enough and depicted the message I wanted to be sent out to my audience. However, if my subject had said something on video that I thought added more to the story than a photo, I would have added it into the slideshow in a heartbeat.

How does preparation for a video interview differ from preparation for an interview for radio or print?
Equipment needs to be checked, editing programs need to be working correctly, location needs to relate to the story being told, a quite place is most likely needed, people are going to be visually seen so they need to be comfortable in front of a camera etc. For mine, I had to think of all the above, the kind of scenery I wanted, a colour theme, what kind of emotions I wanted her to project to the camera. There’s quite a lot that goes into it that could otherwise be hidden in radio and print.

Where do we draw the line between journalism and art?
I think that’s a very hard question to answer. They are both art forms in their own way, one being traditionally based on words and the other on paintings and sculptures, things more visually seen. They both tell stories. I think one is just news based while the other raises issues in the news. They work together in a sense. I believe that mine was more artistic as I wasn’t reporting on something that has been in the major media as of late, it was more personal and close to home so to speak, something that could be sympathised with and make people feel something. Sometimes journalism reports too much and doesn’t make its readers feel anything, well the straightforward journalism doesn’t really. Art always makes people feel something, whether it’s anger, happiness, disgust or love.


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