‘The Gene Pool’ by Jade Fitzpatrick

Since 2009, eighteen year old Natasha Williamson has faced many medical battles that are not seen from face value.

To look at the young girl, one would say that she seems like your everyday teenager, partying on weekends and getting up to no good. However, little does anybody know that she pays a very high price for the everyday activities that she takes part in. There has been a plethora of bad luck that she has faced which started only six years ago.

Finding out she had low platelets in 2009, Natasha was told that even a simple broken bone could kill her.  The fact that her blood does not clot properly meant that in the case of a major accident or injury, she may bleed to the point of death. She was forced to quit her sports such as karate, soccer, netball and dance, for the fear of being hit in the head with a ball or suffering from any other injury that could cause bleeding in the brain, which in her case, could not be stopped. Natasha was unable to play sports in school due to risk and had to sit on the sidelines. It has stopped her from participating in family holidays when she sometimes could not go on a roller coaster unless her platelet count was high enough due to the amount of g-force her head would be exposed to.

Not long after finding out this news, she had to undergo a small surgery to take a piece of her spine and bone marrow out, only to find that the doctors could not make a conclusion as to how and why her condition came about.

After constant complaint about muscle and joint pain, Natasha found out earlier this year that she now suffers from Lupus, adding just that bit more to what seems like a never ending list of health issues. On the weekend of her eighteenth birthday, she woke up to find that she could not move. Natasha concluded that it must be from dancing for three days straight, but a trip to the doctors showed otherwise.

Her family friend of many years, Lara Fitzpatrick, makes comment about the type of person Natasha is and why it is such a surprise to find that such a girl is suffering from this illness.

This story touches on what lupus is and just how it makes its sufferers feel.

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