Week 3: JRNL102 TASK.

Somewhere I tend to go with my close pals is the Appin River. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my house, very scenic and extremely peaceful. To get to the river you must cross a tree trunk, with water right below you – so don’t fall and make sure you have good balancing skills. Cross a few minutes walk of bush land and you see the rocks, shortly followed by the river. We used to swim in there, till we got sick. There’s a cliff too, but I’m not brave enough to make the jump. I feel happy there, and free. Not a worry in the world. 

It wasn’t a challenge to portray it. I have the sound of my feet walking along the terrain and the animals surrounding us in the background. The river doesn’t make a noise, it’s so still and doesn’t flow. It’s calm and I believe that I’ve captured the mellow feel of the river that I know so well.


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