Is It Okay To Cross A Cultural Boundary?

Do you think it’s okay ¬†to cross the boundaries?

Transnational film was something that instantly sparked my attention in class. It pretty much means that when a movie claims to be about a certain culture, it actually wasn’t even made by that culture, but only represents it through cast and location. When discussing transnational film, we spoke of the well known movie Slumdog Millionaire.

This film, although claiming to be Indian, is not. It’s a combination of a mixture of different cultures creating a movie using an Indian cast and making it in India.
However, it was directed and produced by British talents, Danny Boyle and Christian Colson. Although it’s great reviews, it makes you wonder if this movie would have been so successful if it had been made solely on a full Indian cast and crew.

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The thing that has been found most interesting to me, is what transnational film can lead to in this world, In other words: Cultural appropriation.

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It’s never been thought of as much of a thing until the last few years when people have taken initiative and noticed what is going on in the world and given it a proper name.

Cultural appropriation, being put simply, means to take aspects of another’s culture and make them ‘blend’ into mainstream cultures, such as white people wearing African American’s cornrows. Individuals¬†going to music festivals and wearing a Bindi on their head yet they don’t have a drop of Hindu in them is cultural appropriation and this is being done in the film industry and in reality.


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This caused a lot of public opinion and input in the world of African American’s, especially online. This can be seen through this video of Amandla speaking her mind about cultural appropriation which is definitely worth a watch. It’s informative and it gave me a lot of knowledge about what it actually is and why it should and shouldn’t be done, because I am in two minds about it.

My first mind says it shouldn’t be done, that way there’d be no problems and the cultures wouldn’t clash, and no offence would be taken. I do see where they may be coming from, wouldn’t you like your culture to be recognized for what it truly is instead of it being made famous because someone well known did it and made it popular? But, my second mind thinks it’s good. It means the bonding of cultures and them crossing and embracing each other.

Cultural appropriation, I believe is bringing the world together in an easier way and letting others become culturally diverse. If it isn’t done just to be pretentious, then cultural appropriation shouldn’t be seen as such a bad thing but a learning kerb for society to understand the different cultures around them.

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