At a first glance, I instantaneously wanted to choose my grandma as the character for my audio piece. However, she lives too far of a commute to be able to get this assignment done in under two weeks. I have therefore decided to lean towards my trusty sister.


My sister has a huge love for music. She especially loves the festivals and the feeling she gets when she is squashed like a sardine in the middle of a mosh pit. I hope to communicate this love and adoration for music festivals which have been something that she identifies with. How?

Through her narration of events that she has undertaken, ambient sounds and live music from the festival that we have recorded running in the background. Layering these sounds so that the busy and hectic vibe of the festival can be felt through the audio. I’d also like to incorporate some soft tones to represent the love and the feeling she gets when she’s at them and after they are over. I want it to feel very free spirited, just how festivals make you feel.

If this can be done well, hopefully it’ll sound like a dream land and make everyone want to attend a festival.



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