JRNL101 – Career Aspirations and Issues in Journalism Today

Arta Ramadani. Studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.

Arta Ramadani. Studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.

“I’m not afraid of not getting a job, I’m afraid of not getting a job because I won’t report on something I don’t agree with” says eighteen year old Brock Walsh when asked about his fears in the journalism industry. His view being extremely captivating, Walsh shows the security he has within himself. With photo journalism and/or correspondence as his journalistic preferences, Walsh tells me that one of the issues journalism is facing is the idea of ‘citizen journalism’. “It’s a worrying trend. Also, how journalists aren’t considered ‘journalists’, and are officially called ‘social media coordinators.”

The idea of citizen journalism also crosses future photo journalist, Cassandra Norris’ thoughts.

“Source credibility in citizen journalism, safety of foreign correspondents overseas, and in the field of photo journalism the issue that “everyone is a photographer” or that everyone thinks they are one.” With both opinions being said, it makes it clear that it is a main concern to studying journalists today.

Undertaking a Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies, Norris is able to relate to the way that journalism is changing. “Journalism is changing in the way we consume the content. We’ve moved away from just reading the newspaper and the 6pm news to reading the newspaper online and watching the news whenever we want because we now have the technology to record TV and catch up on TV through apps.”

Along with citizen journalism, the growth of technology and finding a good story to tell are also issues that Kimberley Perlowski and Arta Ramadani shed light on.

“Today journalists face many issues from the increased growth in technology especially in fashion journalism with social media. Although it’s an issue, it’s starting to change the face of journalism, probably for the better” expresses nineteen year old Perlowski who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts, in hopes of transferring to communications next semester.

Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies student, Arta, makes the following statement about issues in journalism:

“Finding a unique story [is an issue journalists face today] as it is so competitive and there are other companies competing to share the same stories. It makes it harder to find an engaging way to connect with the audience”.

Ramadani is an aspiring travel/photo journalist and is concerned about getting her work noticed in an industry that is so competitive.

Although there are many changes that are taking place and that will take place in the future of journalism, the students acknowledge the change as being a good one in some perspectives.

“It’s good in that it gives readers a far more expansive net of information from a far more expansive group of people, leading to new perspectives and new ideas on almost every issue” says Walsh.

It has been discovered that the future journalists of the world are concerned for what is to come, however, they are also embracing all the changes that are headed their way and are ready to adapt to a new way of telling stories.

Written By: Jade Fitzpatrick.


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