Light’s, Camera’s, Fashion!

Sydney Fashion Weekend consisted of sitting in the VIP lounge, sipping on complimentary drinks and being able to sit front row at the fashion show styled by none other than fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang. Receiving a bag at the end that contained some goodies from Nude by Nature and JBronze also made the night that much more splendid.

The Royal Hall of Industries was dressed for the fashion occasion that any style mogul waits for. Racks of clothing lined the grounds, lights beamed in women’s faces as they had their make-up done by the Nude by Nature make-up artists. Shoppers were sipping on champagne as they overlooked their favourite pieces.

Natasha Williamson, a student at The Australasian College, accompanied me to the event. The show started at 6:30pm and we were guided to our seats in the front row.

Justin Bieber’s voice booms over the speakers, his new song with Jack U being played, and the models finally step out. One by one.

A particular stand out for myself personally. One of my favourite styles.


The show ended on a high note, the models all walking down the runway in single file and then returning back stage. Beautiful women, clothes and atmosphere. The next show cannot come soon enough.

Jade Fitzpatrick.


3 responses to “Light’s, Camera’s, Fashion!

  1. Ah I love how icy and clean everything looks, sounds like a beautiful event. Did you really receive a Nude by Nature goodie bag?

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    • It was a wonderful show, have you been before?
      I got a powder palette that is worth about $40 in it and some tanning creams, moisturiser and many, many coupons for things such as 50% off a Brazilian, a 1 hour consultation with brow artist specialists and much more!

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