The Online Persona

So guess what? I was away. Again. For a good reason of course, I was very, very sick and went home early. Tackling this week’s blog post is again going to be a struggle but let’s do it!

The online persona is something that a user can create. Through Twitter, users are able to create their persona by using hash-tags which gets their tweets re-tweeted, favourited and so on. This can commonly assist people in understanding just how a user is perceiving themselves and their online personality. This is similar to Instagram.

Instagram also uses hash-tags, however, it is much easier to create a persona on this app. Instagram allows its users to upload images that showcase their lives to their followers. By doing this, the audience get a visual insight into ones personality and get a feel for who they are. It also makes it difficult to figure out if that person’s persona is real or not, you can take an photo of something and say you’re doing it, when really, you’re probably sitting around on the couch and not being the active, health nut you ‘are’ to everyone else. Hash-tags are used on Instagram to attract other people that have similar interests in what you post, this creating an open door to strangers that can view your content and get a feel for who you are.

Kept this one short and sweet,



One response to “The Online Persona

  1. Hey Jade, although you kept your post short and sweet (which i liked) your insight into the online persona was great, as i definitely can relate to your instagram example. I always wonder if instagramers (especially the popular ones) actually live their lives how they portray it to be over their photos. I came across this blog: which i think wraps up the whole expectations vs. reality of being a beauty/fashion blogger. I found to be quite amusing, yet so true. Anyway great blog!


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