Getting Digitally Crafty on Instagram

I didn’t end up going to week 9’s lecture and I probably should have as it’s going to be pretty difficult to write up a blog post about something I didn’t attend. However, I did check up on good  old Moodle and watched the videos that were supposed to be our readings for the week.

I quite liked how it incorporated the arts and crafts world as  I do consider myself to be along the likes of a creative. The LED dress did spark my attention (no pun intended) and I was thinking the whole time while watching the videos, “how is Instagram digitally crafty?”

That’s when I turned to Google.

I typed in “Digital Craft on Instagram” and there was a link to an actual Instagram called “Digital Craft Co.” Sadly, when I clicked on the link, it showed me that they have been inactive since 2013 and that they only had 39 followers. They do however have a website linked in their bio and I decided to click on that. The website was a dead end as well and I just didn’t understand what I was reading at all, however, maybe one of you may know what their site is talking about.

I returned back to the Google search bar and clicked on the very first linked that I skimmed past the first time and found an even better lead. This Instagram account  was more active and also had a website to follow through with their digital craft making. Their website showcases their digital art which is really cool by the way.


Found here.

Egg_2-STATIC_image 1.jpg

Found here.

By the end of my research I discovered that people don’t really create digital craft on Instagram, but they can share it with their following and use it to show case their work.


5 responses to “Getting Digitally Crafty on Instagram

  1. Interesting take on the topic of digital art. I didn’t really understand your point at the start, but after continuing to read I realised you were leading us down a path and you realised that digital art really isn’t as popular as it should be. Sucks hey!


    • It does such because it really is super awesome! I’m sorry that it wasn’t so clear, I was just demonstrating my journey, I’m happy it made sense to you as you kept reading! Thanks for your comment šŸ™‚


  2. I’m totally in the same boat as you on this one, didn’t make it to the lecture and honestly even after looking at the readings I have no clue what i’m supposed to be working on in this weeks blog post! I took it as we’re supposed to be looking at how something can be transformed digitally like the dress and the advertisement would have had a different meaning without the digital factor? I don’t know… haha I’ve seen so many different posts for this week and yours is probably the most like my idea so I figure we’re on the right track for not having gone to the lecture?! The instagram/website you found is so cool and it’s pretty interesting that there’s a course in California dedicated to this kind of thing, i’ve never heard of anything like it here! Good post! šŸ™‚


    • I didn’t either. I only watched the videos and kind of understood what was going on. In my tutorial some people felt the same way and they attended the lecture, it must be a difficult topic to tackle I believe. I come from a visual arts background, I did it for my whole high school experience so I kind of got it but some things were still really tricky. I’m glad your thinking is the same as mine, it makes me feel as if I’m not wrong haha!
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you get it done šŸ™‚


  3. I enjoyed reading about your journey! It seems everyone has an Instagram profile for just about anything these days! I myself had a difficult time writing a blog post about this weeks lecture because I did not entirely understand the main topic and did not know how to properly connect digital craft to my media platform, 3D printing. Instead of really relying on the lecture for information I looked to the reading by Leslie: I can see how it would somewhat be impossible to digitally craft something using Instagram, which is why I took a different approach and looked to the info in the reading and I was able to get somewhere with that šŸ™‚ Great blog, I like your writing style!


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