BCM112: Digital Artefact Documentation (Part 2)

I’m currently sitting in the library, trying to come up with a post that is going to describe my digital artefact in a good enough sense. I’ve finished the annotated bibliography and have come up with a range of sources that will help me with the statistics part of my assignment – just to see how many fake accounts there are in the world, and from what I’ve found there is a lot! In today’s tutorial, I said out loud what I was going to do and I think that helped me set my artefact in stone because I’ve been pretty unsure about it for the past few weeks and I’ve questioned myself multiple times about whether it is what I wanted to do or not.

I’ve decided I’m going to make a new account and post on that account images that aren’t even mine to show this supposedly lavish life I’m going to be living through the course of this assignment. The images will be taken from Tumblr as it’s easy to get lifestyle photos from there.

I’ve gotten 16 followers the past few days and I have only posted one thing, a photo displaying my ‘old’ account which is actually my original account and used the tags for likes app (that I used in my annotated bibliography) to see what would happen and I received 69 likes in 1 minute. After waiting a few hours, I got followers and comments on the photo from some brands.

Instagram: jadefitzpatrickkk

Instagram: jadefitzpatrickkk

3 of my followers are people that I actually know and one of them is following me on my other account as well, I’m going to wait for her to catch on to it. I also got followed by a clothing brand and decided to post their profile on my fake one to see what will happen. I wouldn’t do something like that on my actual account unless I worked for a company or was asked. If more clothing brands follow me, I’ll post their businesses on my profile too and see what happens.

P.S. I was sitting in the library when I first started this post but left it as a draft. I’m now laying comfortably on my bed.


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