BCM112 – Week 6: Remix Culture on Instagram

This is a weird video of me talking about remix culture and how things are remixed on Instagram. It’s self explanatory I think and pretty short and sweet.

Enjoy dudes,


P.S I apologise for the crappy camera quality – iPhone filming ya know.


3 responses to “BCM112 – Week 6: Remix Culture on Instagram

  1. Hey, good effort on the video. I’m making one for this week’s topic.
    I think you did a really good job figuring out how remix culture is prevalent on Instagram. When I was looking at the title of the video I was a bit perplexed trying to think of it myself. Anyway, I know you were going for an informal vibe but I think if you’d cut it down to the important parts it would have been shorter and sweeter. You could have even cut examples of a hashtag competition into your video so your viewers would see it firsthand. Not sure what program you’re using but this is how you do it in iMovie 🙂 https://support.apple.com/kb/PH14695?viewlocale=en_MY&locale=en_MY


  2. This is a great attempt at a different platform for a blog post. Just like you, I struggled with trying to create my video but I finally got there in the end. I liked that you were able to put your spin on remix culture by using your media platform to explain what it may mean. For further information, take a read of this http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/22/from-artistic-to-technological-mash-up/ it may help with your understanding of it and allow you to think about remix culture in a different way, along side you media platform.


  3. Hey nice Vlog post. Its refreshing to see this sort of video again.
    I appreciate your honesty in terms of your confusion on the topic.

    Its an interesting approach to remix culture, using Instagram as the example. It would have been great if you had linked one of these profiles that you mention in the video.


    This is an interesting piece that might help you understand the topic if you have to time to look at it (:


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