Week 7: University Life

Taken by me at a train station a week ago.

I’ll be honest, university is pretty hard. I am still getting used to the commute down here (although I only come three days a week) and my body has been feeling so run down lately, it just makes everything less fun.

I feel as if I have been bombarded with assignments – and I thought the HSC was bad. The HSC would be like a walk in the park compared to university. However, although there are all of these negatives, there are just too many positives.

I’ve found some good pals in my tutorials and lectures, they’re such nice people and I like that they can relate to how I’m feeling and we can all bond over assignments. The people in this degree are absolutely lovely, I find we all work well together and are willing to help each other out, just like we did for our JRNL101 assignment, everyone just bands together and it’s really nice.

The coffees and milkshakes are always good too and I can’t get enough of the beanbags, they’re amazing. Good to catch a break in. The staff are nice too and easy to get along with in class, very helpful which is always good. The fact that uni is like a huge nature reserve also makes me really happy, it’s better than only being able to see concrete for the whole entire campus like the ones in the city (although I’m sure theirs are pretty too – let’s not be too judgmental, Jade.)

I can only hope I’ll get used to the things that make uni hard and just enjoy what already makes uni a great place to be in!


2 responses to “Week 7: University Life

  1. Hang in there gal pal. I had the same thoughts when starting uni, it’s a huge change but change can be good 🙂

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