BCM112 – Digital Media Artefact Documentation (Part 1)

Today in my bcm112 tutorial, Travis had us take part in a small game that involves the class coming up with ideas for their media platforms and ways that they can experiment with it for their digital artefact. 

I’ve chosen Instagram and lately I’ve been having difficulties in finding something to experiment with this app. There are many contributing factors that make Instagram, Instagram. The content made by users, the followers, the explore page and the use of hashtags make it easy for people to showcase their lives to other people – people they know and strangers. 

The idea of fake lives being shown to a wide range of followers came about when trying to come up with something to experiment with (thanks to Lily!) 

There have been a numerous amount of fake profiles of people living lives that aren’t actually theirs, just something they want to portray to their followers to either gain more or feel better about themselves. 

I then decided that this may be a good experiment to undertake for this assignment. I have not decided whether I want to use my own Instagram account or create a whole new profile, almost a whole new identity. I believe to get the most out of this experiment I may have to go all the way and make a new account and gather a new following and see what goes on from there. 

More later, 



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