Information Just Wants To Be Free – Who Owns What?

Who owns our media?

It’s a question that I had no idea as to what the answer may have been until I attended the BCM110 week 4 lecture (or Googled it to find out for myself). It is also a question that I am not sure I would have even tried to find the answer to. In this lecture, Sue always finds intriguing and interesting topics for us to learn about and by the time it is over, I feel much more knowledgeable.

Media ownership, does it really matter who owns our media?
In all honesty, I truly believe that is does matter. In Australia, we have a small group of very powerful individuals that own many parts or a whole of our media platforms. These small groups of powerful people can contribute to our media being based on biased or prejudiced opinions and may have a limited range of ideas/news.

When swimming further into the pool of this question, you must also ask yourself; who owns the main forms of media that you use? Are you able to trust them?

Rupert Murdoch – owner of 70% of newspapers  in Australia, clearly has a significant amount of input as to what goes into our main media channels. His power in undeniably massive as his track record can prove. Murdoch has not been trusted in this industry which can be seen from the hacking scandal that involved teen Milly Dowler.

The two biggest social media outlets that I personally use are Facebook and Instagram – both officially owned by Mark Zuckerberg. With these two giant social media platforms under his belt, Zuckerberg has ultimate power of what is seen and shown to the world. Facebook has over 1.23 billion monthly active users checking in to see what is going on in the world around them and, with statistics like that, there is no wonder that is important to be able to trust the people that own the media that so much of the world’s population use. Facebook has had many issues regarding to user privacy.

The above article taken from ABC News indicates profile information being stolen and tracked by anonymous companies. These influential powerhouses may question the thoughts of the public. They may make people wonder if their information will every truly be safe, if their privacy is being respected and if their personal content is actually being kept personal and not public. Media control impacts everyone, young or old. People want privacy and people want to know the truth.

However, we as consumers have also given a part of our trust into the media and all of its platforms so in a sense, we do also run the risks. Consumers and producers must band together and act in a harmonious way to keep both parties happy and satisfied.

If only it were that simple.




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