Apple VS Android – Who Will Win?

Made by me using Imgur.

Made by me using Imgur.

The media is frequently debating the competition that Apple and Android seem to continuously be taking part in with one another. This adds to some hilarity over the issue of the iPhone 6 apparently bending out of shape which was seen through some angry customers in an article on the Daily Mail. I’m sure that could be done with any phone but for some odd reason, Apple gets judged tremendously.

Which leads to the question of why. Why are people still using iPhone’s if they complain so much about them? I for one don’t have any complaints about the way an iPhone works or the design of it and mine has not bent (knock on wood that it doesn’t.) Then again I wouldn’t go testing that theory out because bending a phone isn’t really what you’re meant to do with it.

I personally have used both. I used an Android while I was waiting to get an iPhone and it is not something that I would want to use again if I am completely honest. The quality of the camera’s aren’t that great and the device may actually have too many apps, to the point that I felt lost in the phone. Yes, there is the factor that users can be more “free” when using an Android, I frankly don’t mind not having any freedom when using an iPhone. I don’t fancy changing any codes or modifying anything, honestly, I don’t even have the brain capacity to try and attempt doing anything like that. Having no freedom isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to the use of mobile phones, well for me anyway and I know many other people that feel the same way.

However, if you’re really smart and changing codes or modifying the Android software/system is what you want to do, then you go right ahead and be my guest! In relation to my chosen media platform, Instagram, I have always found that the app is presented a lot better on an Apple iPhone than an Android and even though there isn’t much difference, I find it easier to use on an iPhone. The photo quality is a lot better which makes taking effective pictures much easier.

It all comes down to personal preference, your own opinions and what works for you. I think Apple has won this one.

Please leave comments of your own opinions, I’d love to hear!



Lee. S, O’Callaghan. J, 2014, “Does the new iPhone 6 BEND in your pocket? Angry users post photos of phones warped just a few days after buying them”, Daily Mail Australia, 26/03/2015,

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6 responses to “Apple VS Android – Who Will Win?

  1. Great blog post, I would personally prefer an android. The only thing I would say with regard to your post, is that you could have focused more on the issue of apple products being ‘closed appliances’ and effect this will have, rather than comparing apple iPhones and android phones in terms of their performance.


    • Thank you. I will note that for next time – I think it was a lot more easier for me to compare each product since I have used both and am going for experience and as I am not very tech savvy, I wouldn’t know how to go in depth about why Apple is very closed, I kind of like it being controlled as well, it saves me from messing my phone up haha! But thank you, I appreciate your feedback greatly!


  2. I like your opinion on the debate between Apple and Andriod and how you have linked that to the notion of “bending” the phone.
    However, to make this a more rounded post you could explore the “walled garden” of Apple ios. You can use this site to give you a sort of pros and cons for both Apple and Android.
    You could also mention the term jailbreaking when you talk about “breaking any codes”
    Overall, great blog post and I think your opinion is very well justified.


    • Thank you, Monique. I think that because I am more “for” Apple and pro Apple I just went about the post in a way to make a positive notion towards the brand. I appreciate your source and I will read it too. I have no idea what jail breaking is so I might have not made sense if I tried to talk about that but I will take that into consideration. Thanks again!

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  3. I too prefer iPhones only because I like everything being setup for me in a structured way. I am not technologically advanced. It would be good to see if you surveyed a group of people as to what they preferred in order to answer your question ‘why are people using iphones if they complain about them?’. I enjoyed the read and it had me thinking why do I prefer iphone. Cheers!


    • Thank you! I’m happy to see that someone else feels the same way haha. I also am not very tech savvy so the controlling environment that Apple upholds is pretty perfect for me. That would have been good actually – or I could have researched the web for some statistics/reasons as to why people always complain. Thanks for that – will do next time. Glad you enjoyed.


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