Do as I say – Not as I do

The media is a massive part in today’s society. Many may feel influenced by what they see in magazines, on television and online. The media is never ending and there are so many ways to access different things – things that may be seen as an anxiety. These current anxieties are mainly based on violence and weight and these factors affect many people. With the help of the media, it makes it much easier for it to reach out to a range of audiences.

However, there is the argument that humans are applying all these “anxieties” onto themselves. Ideas for good and bad behaviour must stem from somewhere – it must have had to already be done for it to appear in the media. People have been violent to one another long before the internet, television and magazines came about. The media has the power, however to bring these anxieties to societies attention and people have the choice to either use or abuse the media, whether they do it for good or bad reasons.

Violence is one of the main anxieties that the media portrays. This image was shown in week two’s lecture:


A person has a choice to either fire a gun or to not. The media represents guns in a negative light. Yes, guns are something the world could do without but in an honest sense, they are not doing any harm unless someone uses it. For example, in the United States, American’s are allowed to have a gun licence. There have countless of shootings done by young children from seeing what their parents do and they end up killing others. This can be seen in an article that was posted up by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Children are known to imitate what they see happening around them. As mentioned in Alfred Bandura’s “Bobo Doll” experiment, children are just recreating what adults do and they end up thinking it is normal behaviour. Humans are bringing on these anxieties themselves. If they don’t want their children to grow into violent people then they need to set an example for them. The case of the Jamie Bulger murder in 1993 is another good example of how children act from what they have been subjected to. The two murderers had been in a family of dysfunction, poverty, alcoholism, neglect and marital breakdown. The judge of their case however, made a statement saying that they had been exposed to a horror movie which was the reason for their actions. The judge had blamed the media when it was not at fault instead of mentioning the true facts. The media just highlights what is going on – humans are the ones carrying out the actions. It all comes down to one thing. Choice.

Sitting in front of a television will not make a person fat, but if that’s all they’re doing and they aren’t getting up and being active or eating a healthy balanced diet, then sure it might. The media won’t make you fat, it’s a matter of how you treat yourself.

Therefore, I think that people are creating their own anxieties which could be dealt with in a much easier way by just making the right choices. Please leave comments of your own opinions about what was mentioned in the lecture and if you share the same views that I do, feel free to let me know as well. We’re all here to support one another and to share our ideas.

 The article:


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  1. Definitely agree with the idea that people are creating their own anxieties. shows how people are now creating anxieties about social media, you might want to check out.

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