I really couldn’t think of a better place to study at other than UOW. The lectures so far have been really fun and rather exciting, and they make you want to get up and go chase a story or make a blog post. It’s really good motivation.

The Monday morning started with a lecture (Media Reporting and Storytelling)  at 8:30am and I really enjoyed it. I think it’ll be one of my favourite classes, that’s for sure! It was scary going into a room with about 150-200 people but as time went on, it didn’t seem as daunting. I started uni with a very good friend which I’m so happy about, it makes it easier if you have someone there with you to be able to relate to what you’re feeling. Even though everyone in the room is probably feeling the same way.

Since tutorials don’t take place on the first week, my friend and I found ourselves wandering around campus for four hours. We met up with some friends, ate food, had the best iced latte from Rush and hung out at UniBar and the library. We then moved on to a two hour lecture which I thought would drag on considering how long it was supposed to go for, but in all honesty, I loved it! I think that Convergent Media Practices is going to be really intriguing and I can’t wait to get further into the subject and start my assignments.

The trek home wasn’t all that flash. We stood on the bus for around an hour on the way home, Mount Ousley’s hill spinning knots in my stomach. If there’s one thing I took from today, it’s to be first in line at the bus stop and that uni is actually really fun!

Wow I sure know how to pose. My friend Lily and I! If you see us come and say hello! We're really friendly!

Wow I sure know how to pose. My friend Lily and I! If you see us come and say hello! We’re really friendly!


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